Episode 14 – A Podcast About Seinfeld (Trivia)

Erich and Kalvin talk about Seinfeld (Trivia). We start out with a quick discussion of Deadpool 2 (more coming in a later episode). Then we jump into a crushing defeat of Erich by Kalvin in Seinfeld trivia. We go back and forth with trivia from everyone’s favorite sitcom and discuss the episodes and the show as a whole as we go through.

Listen Here

Can you pass Kalvin’s ultimate Seinfeld quiz? Tweet your results @APASomething:

  1. Which spot did Kramer leave the air conditioner in the parking garage? (“The Parking Garage” S3E06)
    • Red 30
    • Purple 23
    • Blue 15
    • Orange 7
  2. Why doesn’t George like to carry a pen? (“The Parking Garage” S3E06)
    • Afraid it will puncture his scrotum
    • He’s “this close” to stabbing someone with it
    • Doesn’t want to get ink on his pants
    • He never knows whether to go with blue or black
  3. What is the name of the holistic healer George goes to see in Season 2? (“The Heart Attack” S2E08)
    • Gabe Lewis
    • J Walter Weatherman
    • Ailmar Anderson
    • Tor Ackman
  4. According to Kramer, which real-life movie is based on a book about toy ray guns? (“The Wizard” S9E15)
    • Toy Story
    • Independence Day
    • Firestorm
    • Mars Attacks!
  5. When Jerry and Elaine are discussing fixing George up with Cynthia, what skill does Jerry claim George possesses? (“The Fix-up” S3E13)
    • George can lift 100 lbs
    • George is tall
    • George can bait a hook
    • George likes spicy chicken
  6. What snack was George eating while in casting sessions for the “Jerry!” pilot? (“The Pilot” S4E23/24)
    • Peanuts
    • Juju Fruits
    • Twix
    • Raisins
  7. In Season 8, George competes for an apartment with a survivor of which shipwreck (S8E10)
    • The Andrea Doria
    • The Titanic
    • The Edmund Fitzgerald
    • The Mary Rose
  8. Which famous actress does not move her arms when she tap dances? (“The Summer of George” S8E22)
    • Amanda Peet
    • Molly Shannon
    • Raquel Welch
    • Lonnie Anderson
  9. Kramer hired Cubans to make cigars for him, but they were not Cubans. What are they? (“The English Patient” S8E17)
    • Canadians
    • Puerto Ricans
    • Just really tan guys from Miami
    • Dominicans
  10. Where does Elaine’s sister live? (“The Airport” S4E12)
    • St. Louis
    • The Bronx
    • Baltimore
    • Tuscany
  11. What is the name George would call himself if he ever became a pornstar? (“The Outing” S4E17)
    • Little Bulldog
    • Buck Naked
    • Fornicating Gourmet
    • T-Bone
  12. What was Elaine’s safety school? (“The Puerto Rican Day” S9E20)
    • Tufts University
    • Queens College
    • Syracuse University
    • Pennbrook University
  13. What does Kramer want to name his daughter one day? (“The Seven” S7E13)
    • Seven
    • Isosceles
    • Soda
    • Cosmo Jr
  14. According to George, which city is, “…the pesto of cities”? (“The Busboy” S2E12)
    • Seattle
    • New Orleans
    • Portland
    • Phoenix
  15. Which President was the favorite of “Man Hands”? (“The Bizarro Jerry” S8E03)
    • John Adams
    • Martin Van Buren
    • James Polk
    • Andrew Johnson



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